About Moorsure

Who We Are

Mooring System Solutions (Moorsure) was founded to bring together the Design, Analysis, Supply and Installation Management of Offshore Mooring Systems. Our ongoing goal is to raise the profile of mooring systems and increase awareness of the potential implications of inadequate design, manufacture, installation or maintenance.

Moorsure is a joint venture between  AMOG Consulting and Offspring International and we bring a wealth of technical prowess and operational experience to the field of mooring system design and supply.



AMOG has over 25 years of experience as a leading global engineering solutions provider to the offshore oil and gas, infrastructure, energy & resources, defence and civil maritime industries. AMOG combines the expertise of qualified, practised and forward-thinking engineers with the power of its international network and prides itself on technical and analytical excellence.



Offspring International Limited (OIL) was formed in 1991 to provide a dedicated mooring systems service to the offshore industry worldwide. Over three decades OIL has evolved to specialise in equipment for mooring, offloading and control systems to optimise terminal operations both offshore and quayside.



Where We’ve Worked

Moorsure Company History and Experience

Moorsure was established to provide a one stop shop for mooring systems without compromising on engineering rigour or product quality, setting the benchmark for mooring projects. Combining engineering expertise and high-tech analysis methods under a dedicated project management framework, Moorsure can deliver your individually tailored Mooring Solution from start to finish.

Our detailed design and analysis capabilities not only ensure your mooring system will survive its environmental conditions, but also provide the objective evidence – via detailed Engineering and Safety Reports – to demonstrate this to investors, insurers and regulators.

Similarly, Moorsure’s ongoing relationships with component manufacturers provide you with the benefits of our buying power, and ability to negotiate manufacturing priority. While our use of site and product specific installation contractors ensures your system is installed by the most appropriate vessels and personnel.

Further details about us, and the background and capabilities of our principal suppliers, are available below.


Moorsure Quality Systems

Moorsure conducts all activities in accordance with policies and procedures that meet the requirements of ISO 9001. Our partner companies are ISO 9001 accredited by Lloyds and URS and we demand a high standard of quality from each of our subcontractors.

Moorsure employees are required to adhere to a code of conduct that emphasises professional ethics and the delivery of quality products. Our staff members are selected via a process that ensures their technical ability and management skills are first class and that they meet the tenet of the Company’s core values: Leadership, Integrity, Professionalism, and Loyalty.


Moorsure – HSE/OH&S

Moorsure is committed to providing services and equipment from a basis of Safe, Reliable and Environmentally Sustainable operations.

Moorsure Management believes that all major incidents, occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. We also believe that attaining a word-class performance in health and safety is critical to the success and sustainability of our business. To achieve our goal of zero lost time injuries and in turn add value to our client’s projects, Management is committed to:

  • Giving health and safety prevailing status over all our activities and being willing to stop or delay any work where effective risk management controls are not in place
  • Being constantly aware of our major accident and health risks and ensuring the right designs, plans, actions and competent people are in place to control them
  • Complying with all relevant laws, regulations and standards and applying responsible standards where laws do not exist
  • Learning from our performance to continuously improve our processes, work practices and behaviours and sharing our lessons learned with others
  • Setting internal targets to continually improve our health and safety performance
  • Reporting our health and safety performance openly and transparently
  • Engaging contractors and suppliers who share our values and work with them to consistently meet our health and safety expectations; and
  • Creating and sustaining a culture that empowers and rewards our workforce to act in accordance with this policy

Management reviews its safety objectives on a regular basis to ensure their continuing suitability within the framework of the Moorsure Management System. The safety elements of the Moorsure Management System are to be audited in accordance with established procedures to ensure compliance with AS/NZS ISO 4801.



Moorsure recognises that many of its activities, products and services can cause impacts on the environment. To address these impacts, and in turn add value to our client’s projects, Management is committed to:

  • Implementing environmentally sensitive design principles where practicable
  • Ensuring engineering construction and surveying activities are performed in a manner which minimises adverse environmental impacts
  • Continually improving and broadening the environmental knowledge and expertise of staff
  • Reducing the environmental impact of Moorsure’s activities, products and services
  • Complying with or exceeding relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which Moorsure subscribes
  • Establish, implement, maintain and continually improve the Environmental Management System (EMS)
  • Identify the environmental aspects and impacts of the organisation’s activities, products and services, and manage these in an appropriate manner
  • Identify priorities and set appropriate environmental objectives and targets
  • Coordinating the Environmental Policy with other organisational policies

Management reviews its environmental objectives on a regular basis to ensure their continuing suitability within the framework of the Moorsure Management System. The environmental elements of the Moorsure Management System are to be audited in accordance with established procedures to ensure compliance with AS/NZS ISO 14001.


Our Core Values

Our values guide our business direction, our interactions and our behaviour. They are critical to the manner in which we strive to conduct our business and are consistently applied by the entire team.


Strong internal leadership provides clear direction for our staff and drives our processes and procedures to deliver quality outcomes for our clients.

Industry leadership challenges the status quo and raises the bar for service delivery within our sphere.


Personal and corporate integrity underpin our professional reputation. Attention to detail and engineering rigour will always take precedence over commercial expediency.


The quality of our service delivery defines us. We pride ourselves on our professional courtesy, conduct and presentation.


Honouring our responsibilities and commitment to our colleagues, our clients and our profession provides the pillars upon which we build trust in our team, our products and our brand.


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