Moorsure delivers mooring solutions for novel and challenging floating systems, providing design, supply, and through-life services to all offshore sectors. 

We actively seek the challenging projects; from moorings for the growing offshore wind sector; through to the integration of entire terminal solutions in nearshore locations with cold temperature products; to remediation and life extension of existing FPSO and CALM buoy systems which are often thought of as being too challenging.

Mooring Remediation

Moorsure have a long history remediating, extending the life or complete replacement of existing mooring systems; working within the constraints of the system and changing utilization of the facility moored. We offer: 

  • Assessment of the failure mechanisms or life extension limiting factors 
  • A design to remediate the failure mechanism that works within the bounds of the current design 
  • Minimise the impacts of changeout on the facility and nearby infrastructure 
  • Design and supply including expedited delivery 

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Terminal Solutions

We deliver solution agnostic engineering assessment for nearshore import and export terminals for both the commercial products of today and the products of tomorrow; including refrigerated and cryongenic temperatures. 

Should a CALM buoy or Jetty be the appropriate solution, Moorsure will happily work with trusted providers to develop this project with you. 

Typically, a CBM system ends up as the most cost effective. Moorsure designs and supplies anchors, chains, buoys, hoses, telemetry and the pipeline end manifold for a complete terminal, while providing simple interfaces for the pipeline and onshore facilities contractors. 


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Floating Offshore Wind

Moorsure has been involved with FOWT moorings since the sector’s inception and we are poised to help the sector grow from technology demonstrator projects to full sized commercial fields. We offer:

  • Mooring Integrity Advice 
  • Right sized engineering and supply for the cost sensitive market 
  • The maritime and mooring experience to overcome both foreseen and unforeseen challenges 

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Project Life Cycle Mooring Supply & Services

AMOG is a leading global solutions provider to the energy, resources, defence, transport, and maritime construction industries. AMOG combines the expertise of qualified, practiced and forward-thinking engineers with the power of an international network.


They solve complex, challenging engineering problems… anywhere in the world.

Offspring International is a dedicated team of mooring professionals, bringing together over 150 years combined experience in the design, supply and deployment of offshore mooring systems.


They are an active member of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), contributing their knowledge and experience to single point mooring best practice.

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